More Tristan Thompson drama emerges as details about cheating scandal play out on Instagram

Thompson has yet to address the allegations.

New video footage of Tristan Thompson from just this past weekend appears to show him kissing a woman that is not his fiancé.

Tristan Thompson caught the ire of social media users earlier this week when video footage of the NBA star canoodling with two women back in October 2017 emerged. At the time, of the video Thompson’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian was about three months pregnant.

Kardashian is now in her ninth month and due any day as new video footage of Thompson from just this past weekend in New York has gone public. In it, Thompson appears to be kissing a woman (who is not his fiancé) in a packed night club and then later entering a hotel with her.


Several publications have identified the woman as Lani Blair, a bartender at a Queens strip club. She’s also something of an Instagram model. She has 360,000 followers on the social media platform. Like most Insta models, her gallery is chock full of revealing, skin-tight clothing and bikini pics. Blair switched her account to private once her name began floating around in the media as the woman with Thompson at the club and hotel.

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A screen shot of the Instagram story posted by @ms.stephanie_

Another Thompson Baby on the Way?

To add even more drama to an already soap opera worthy situation, someone going by the handle @ms.stephaniee_ on Instagram posted (and then quickly deleted) a sex tape that she said was of her and Thompson dated from the end of March.

No faces were visible in the video.

@ms.stephaniee_ also released sexually explicit texts that she claimed were from Thompson. One read “If I was there I would grab u while u try to walk away from me than I would pull ya hair and kiss you than rip ya clothes off and lay u down while I suck ya p**** and say sorry.”

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But just to amp up the the WTF meter, that woman also posted that she too is pregnant. She added “Ain’t the only Cavs player either. There’s 1 more,” which seems to imply that she has a sex tape with another Cleveland Cavaliers player.

The Instagram account in question has since been deleted

Thompson has not made a statement about the cheating allegations. However, Khloe Kardashian and her entire family have unfollowed Thompson on social media.