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Khloe Kardashian’s tribe is fierce—and Tristan Thompson just found out the hard way.

Tristan Thompson got an epic online smackdown after fans saturated his Instagram with more than 270,000 hateful comments for getting caught in the act cheating on the reality star while pregnant, reports US Weekly.

If Tristan Thompson thought it would be business as usual after getting busted on video with several women who were not Khloe. The Gram gave him a serious reality check.

Hotel photos surface of Tristan Thompson with fifth woman as cheating scandal explodes

The brutal comments range from lewd to hilarious and outlines how her fans really feel about her “cheating” man.

In one post that shows Thompson flossing in Ferragamo sunglasses, for an apparent GQ shoot, one commenter @halleheitkamp said:

“I hope every soda you drink is shaken up.”

That’s brutal given that soda stains can ruin a perfectly good outfit!

Other funny comments included:


“I hope, when you use your gps you take all the wrong turns.”


“i hope everytime you go to mcdonald’s the icecream machine is broken.”


“I hope every time you try to ride a scooter it makes a full circle and hits you in the ankle.”

Thompson might have to just get used to this new level of social media hateration since he brought it on himself.

After TMZ dropped a scandalous video showing Thompson rubbed up, hugging and kissing two women in a DC bar, several other videos followed of the NBA’s players escapades with at least five women over the past few months.

Thompson wasn’t shy about kissing the women while putting his head deeply buried in one woman’s breasts. All this action while his girlfriend Kardashian was bedridden in Cleveland waiting to give birth to their baby girl.

After giving birth last Thursday, reports said that Kardashian has forgiven Thompson and allowed him to be present at their child’s birth.

But that doesn’t excuse Thompson from the wrath of Kardashian’s online supporters who aren’t yet ready to forgive and forget the Cleveland Cavalier’s cavalier attitude toward this whole ordeal.

The nerve of Thompson to post a pic flossing in shades like it’s all good in the Instagram hood.

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Nah, dawg. The gram’s got an ax to grind.

@eddiie189 is wishing for the worst Maury moment of Thompson’s life.

“I hope that Khloe tells you I’m the baby daddy!!!!!!!!”

@lana_bramley_x posted:

“Everyone hates you we all support @khloekardashian”