Ellen DeGeneres is invited to the family barbecue and we’ll even eat her potato salad.

The woke talk show comedienne totally gets it when it comes to how much trauma and suffering the black community has dealt with after a the constant broadcasts of a barrage of police shootings that have killed unarmed black. She talked with CNN host Van Jones, saying she had “been wanting to address” the issues and that he was the perfect person to talk with and get some things off her chest, the Daily Beast reports.

Moment of Honesty

DeGeneres said:

“There have been so many African-American men who have been shot by police and nothing seems to change,” DeGeneres said. “I can hardly talk about it without getting emotional. I’m furious. As a white person, I’m ashamed. I see what’s going on and I think how is this possible that this keeps happening? There’s just blatant racism. And it hurts me, it really hurts me,” DeGeneres said fighting back tears.

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Jones co-signed her sentiments and said as a dad of two black boys, he too worries about their well-being: “every single day.”

Ongoing Cycle

“It’s not just the police. We’ve got some malware glitch going on in our brains.”

“We’ve got this brain glitch that says, if a white kid [does something bad], eh, maybe they need a little help,” he continued. “If a black kid does, we’ve got to punish them.”

In response, DeGeneres said, “I want to say it’s not in my brain. I don’t believe that, I don’t think that, I don’t see myself in that way at all. And it makes my angry.”

Jones then asked DeGeneres:

“Can you imagine, as a white parent, if every week you turned on the television and a black officer had shot an unarmed white kid?” he asked.

“Every week. Week after week after week. By the end of the year, how upset would you be? How completely out of your mind would you be? That’s what’s going on right now in black America.”

Good question.

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Check out the clip below: