Watch Tiffany Cross go in on ‘dopey guy’ Sean Hannity with Joy Reid

Beat DC's Tiffany Cross did not mince words during the heated discussion.

The Beat DC's Tiffany Cross made a cutting remark about Fox News' Sean Hannity. (Courtesy of YouTube screen grab)


A featured guest on Sunday morning’s AM Joy panel on MSNBC went in on Fox News personality Sean Hannity, calling him “a dopey guy with a TV show” as the guests fielded questions as to why the network won’t pull him off the air for his close ties to Trump, reports Raw Story.

After The Beat DC’s Tiffany Cross made the cutting remark about Hannity, she explained:

“We’re looking for Fox to come out and punish him, but he makes dollars so they don’t mind that he doesn’t make sense,” she continued.

“The scary thing is, I will say this, he has a hotline to the White House. He also has a hotline to 3 million viewers every night. And when you think about the connection between those two things, everything this president does on the domestic and global scale is meant to appease this very small sect of society he considers his base.”

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Crossing All The Lines

It was recently revealed that Hannity, a conservative commentator for Fox was also a client of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen– an alarming conflict of interest.

 “It’s unusual and it’s inappropriate,” she explained. “He [Hannity] has no political expertise. He perpetuated this ridiculous Obama birther movement. In 2010, he was the biggest critic of Julian Assange — six years later he’s their biggest champion.”

Host Joy Reid, pointed out the disparities with that relationship between Hannity reporting the news about Trump and sharing the same lawyer with him. She asked journalist and Fox News expert Gabriel Sherman why the network refuses to dump him.

 “Fox News tolerates essentially him being an advocate for the president,” Reid suggested. “He sort of straddles the line because he’s an opinion journalist, but back in 2010 the New York Times warns that he got rebuked for activism. In 2010 he was yanked from a Tea Party rally after they objected to his appearance.”

The New Normal

“As crazy as this may sound, back when Roger Ailes was running Fox, he would occasionally make examples of people,” Sherman explained. “Not because he fundamentally disagreed with their decisions, but he was a smart enough political strategist to know that you needed to have somewhat of the optics if you’re going to have the lower bug in the corner of your screen that says ‘news.’ You’ve got to give something to show that you care about that stuff.”

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“Now the current management of Fox, they’re going with whatever rates and putting pro-Trump ranting on the airwaves and Hannity is the biggest ratings of all,” he added. “That’s clearly the issue. They don’t want to rebuke him because he’s basically their prime-time lineup.”

Hopefully, sooner than later dopey is thrown off the air.

Take a look and judge for yourself: