First Lady Melania Trump STILL has no interest in getting handsy with Donald Trump

How many times does this have to happen before he gets it?

Melania Trump wanted no parts of holding her husband’s hand.

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Melania Trump wanted no part of holding her husband’s hand, as seen in cringe-worthy moment broadcast around the world.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump welcomed France’s president Emmanuel Macron to the White House for his very first state dinner designed to show global solidarity. But it was Melania’s rejection of Trump’s hand that had social media laughing once again at our country’s leader.

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Trump painfully tried several attempts at easing his wife’s hand into his. Standing side-by-side with her husband and wearing a white dress suit and overstated white chapeau hat, Mrs. Trump stoically stood there giving off Olivia Pope effervescence.

Trump wiggled a few fingers and brushed Melania’s hand, which she aptly moved away. He tried again with a finger or two trying to inch his hand into hers until she finally succumbed.

We’re not sure if this was a mutual decision or an assault of a different sort.

The View aired the awkward moment and social media had a field day pointing out the obvious. Check out Whoopie Goldberg’s spot on impression below:

While Trump loves to call things fake, others compared Melania to being a robotic Stepford wife.

While others defended the First Lady saying her background makes it difficult for her to blend in.

White Hat of surrender?

Mrs. Trump’s peculiar clothing choice yesterday (what was with the all white and that hat)  follows a peculiar comment made by Kellyanne Conway who called Melania “superior” compared to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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When TMZ producers asked her if magazines have purposely avoided putting Melania on covers, Conway had the nerve, the audacity to say the following:

“Melania Trump is such a superior and excellent First Lady. This country is so lucky to have her.”

No ma’am. We beg to differ!

What do you think about the Trump’s awkward hand-holding moment?