Critics call out Barbie with cornrows and ‘ratchet blonde weave’


This weekend folks got really riled up over a doll with people roasting a two-toned hairstyle worn by a Black Barbie after a photo was posted promoting the Hulu documentary Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie.

Three Barbies – two white and one black – were used on the Barbie Style Instagram account to promote the series in a cute way as if the girlfriends had gathered to watch the show together, reports Yahoo.

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But while some thought the sista’s hair was fried, dyed and laid to the side, many others criticized the hairdo saying it was horrible.

“Finish the hairstyle. Idc whether it’s a trend or not. Or why not put an Afro or black hair … why she gotta have blonde at least make it realistic,” a follower commented on Barbie’s Instagram post.

“Of all the hairstyles and all the Black women?! This?! THIS IS WHAT YOU GOT?!” said another.

But if the show is about rethinking Barbie, then a new hairdo fits right in with that concept, right? The two white Barbies have hairstyles as basic as “Becky with the good hair.” While Black Barbie on the other hand got roasted for her half cornrows and blonde swoop. Some say the style rings ratchetness.

“Corn rows & a ratchet blonde weave why y’all playing in black Barbie’s face ?? Sis looks like her hair girl has an emergency and had to go,” wrote a Twitter user.

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But to each his own because another user thought the hairstyle was on point.

“Wow!! I love it,” one follower commented on the Instagram post.

“Personally, I like that you guys worked for more styles for your Barbies. Although some people don’t care for it, plenty of people do relate to it and find it beautiful. Thank you for the effort,” wrote another.

“Y’all hating on that black Barbie but her hair is bomb,” another commenter said.

The show premiered on Hulu April 27. So what do you think of black Barbie’s new do?