Sasha Obama gets a moment to just be a carefree teen and hang with Cardi B

Few just a few hours of #Blackgirlmagic, the former First Daughter kicked it at the D.C. music festival and simply let her hair down

Sasha Obama
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


Over the weekend Sasha Obama was seen being a carefree Black girl at the Broccoli City Fest in Washington D.C. — so if she saw you and didn’t speak, that’s because she was hanging out backstage with Cardi B.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama let her blue tinted hair down and danced her heart away in the VIP section with a few friends, enjoying a day away from her Presidential pop and lovely momma Michelle.

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Acting her 16-year-old age, Obama had blue streaks in her hair, and sported jeans with a white crop top. She’s been out of the spotlight for some time and her maturity into a teen from the grade schooler who first walked into the White House in 2008 is showing.

Plus she’s joined the legions of Cardi B fans being a “boss.”

Obama got to go backstage and hang out with Cardi and her boyfriend Offset. They took a picture and Obama looked relaxed as ever like she and Cardi have been BFFs for some time and we just found out.

Or were they talking about Sasha’s plans to babysit little baby B this summer? Well it could be! If so, we know that Cardi wouldn’t stiff Sasha like Harvey Weinstein did Malia when he failed to pay her for her summer job.

Anyway, Obama seemed unbothered and was basking in #Blackgirlmagic.

Photographer Dee Dwyer, took the pics of Obama and said she was “having the time of her life.”

“She looked as though she had no care in the world. She was in a big group and was partying to the music,” Dwyer said.

“It is a really cool festival and she was enjoying the performance by H.E.R.. and Daniel Caesar.”

Dwyer continued: “She was in the zone. I have never seen Sasha partying like that. It is normally Malia. She was going all out.”

It’s called being carefree. And even though it’s a carefree moment sometimes the Obama kids can’t catch a break. For example, the time Malia Obama was enjoying herself at Lollapalooza and caught heat for a picture that showed her smoking.

Sasha’s in her junior year at Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. But at the concert, she got a moment to just be a teen.

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