Dear Mrs. DJ Khaled: Your husband needs to stop running his mouth and use it to please you

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Dear Nicole Tuck,

Come get your husband.

Why is your husband DJ Khaled out here in these streets running off at the mouth when he should be using it to please you?

Hearing him on the Breakfast Club makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t go down. Then he started talking sideways airing out his chauvinist ways saying you, as his wife, have to do what he wants you to do because he puts in the work—as if she didn’t push out that cute, fat baby Asahd.

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That sounds more like ownership than partnership. Throw the whole husband away!

It’s disapointing to know that the prolific prince of the party, the heavy-weight hype-man, and chart-topping hit-maker du jour won’t even pleasure his princess.

Dinner, homes, clothes, he said are the things he gifts his Queen. But Khaled needs to understand that just like clothes don’t make the man, material things will never replace a man’s total intimacy and passion when he’s all in.

You should tell him don’t proclaim yourself a King as you did in the interview if you are unwilling to adjust your wife’s crown and give her  the ultimate glory.

Out of all the things Khaled shouldn’t probably eat, he embarrassed himself by saying that he doesn’t get down with your lady parts.

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Sis, this is an abomination to wives everywhere and frankly, you’re making us all look bad by co-signing Khaled’s misguided marital rules.

If we expect women to have equal rights across the board, I’m going to need you to take a seat at the table with your husband and explain that love is a two-way street that heads downtown.

If he doesn’t want to play ball then maybe you need to close up the candy shop and stop licking his lollipop.

I hurt for you, but hell if I feel your pain!

Anyway, just know your man can’t proclaim to be a King if he’s unwilling to adjust your crown and give you the ultimate glory.