My 600 Pound Life: Siblings share emotional weight loss journey in new season

My 600 Pound Life TLC

Three siblings share the monumental struggle of literally losing a ton of weight together in an upcoming episode of My 600-LB Life.

Roshanda, 30, Brandie, 29 and Clarence, 33 are the siblings who are trying to shed pounds together in the two-part series. And the road’s been long and difficult.

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The siblings admit that they started to eating much more when their mom left to fend for them on her own. And just like for many people, food became their comfort.

“It was the three of us who started eating more, and that’s the way it was for a few years until we graduated high school. And by then, everybody had put on a lot of weight.”

Clarence recounted: “The one big thing we got away with while no one was watching to discipline us was eating.”

“After my parents broke up, we did what we wanted,’” Brandie added.

“My dad was going through some things. I wouldn’t say he put us out of the house. He put my mom out of the house and we decided to go with her,” Brandie said. “I mean, she was my mama.”

“We all had to be a team,” Brandie said. “And my mama she did what she had to do to take care of us.”

Roshanda now weighs 803 pounds. Brandie weighed in at 620 pounds, and Clarence at 582 pounds.

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At 803 pounds, Roshanda’s weight concerns Dr. Younan Nowzardan greatly.

On the show, the siblings weight goes up and down and they find it hard to stay on the losing side of the scale. And Roshanda can’t get weight loss surgery until she gets her health issues under control. Brandie and Clarence’s surgeries, however, got the green light.

The second installment of the two-part special, is schedule to air next week on TLC.