A Rihanna (Pisces) and Drake (Scorpio) pairing was bound to end with hurt feelings for someone—and that someone is clearly Drake

Nice for what?

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 28: Drake presents Rihanna with the The Video Vanguard Award during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

April 7th: Drake releases “Nice for What”, a women empowerment anthem about how they don’t owe men a thing.

May 3rd: Rihanna in an interview with Vogue announces her, and Drake are no longer friends

Today: Drake unfollows Rihanna on IG

That didn’t play out well huh? The story of Drake and Rih Rih has played out over the last decade or so like a bad Tyler Perry movie. Or maybe a good Tyler Perry movie? Full of twists and turns, make-ups and break-ups through a catalog of shared number one hits along the way. All the makings of our next Hip-Hop & RnB royalty couple, like a Jay-Z and Beyoncé 2.0. Just without the marriage, the kids, and the public confirmation that the two were ever an item. But besides that, Drake and Rihanna had it all.

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But we all should’ve known this would eventually crash and burn like an Usher song. As compatible as Scorpios (Drake) and Pisces (Rihanna) are, they are just as emotional and volatile when that loves goes South. And as emotional as Drake has ALWAYS been we should’ve known who would come out with the broken heart. Drake.

Oh, Drake

The releasing of “Nice for What” was his Scorpio way of telling the world that he understood women and that women had no obligation to be nice when men treated them wrong. Really hiding what he truly felt inside, projecting an image that he thought the world should see.

Drake has been a hitmaker for some time now and poured his heart out to women in way that we don’t often see from most rappers–romantically linked to several high profile women but none ever seemed to compare to the chemistry that he and Rihanna seemed to always share.

How could we forget that awkward ass VMA speech where Drake confessed his undying love for Rihanna during HER moment? As hard as it was for us to watch, Rihanna recently admitted that it made her cringe to have to stand there in front of the world and receive it.

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It was a bold move by Drake, similar to how most Tyler Perry movies end with the man confessing his love and the women running into his arms. Unfortunately, this did not occur and two years later, here we are.

Since that moment, Rihanna has become even more of a global star inside and outside of music. Putting her Pisces energy, passion and emotion into Fenty beauty line is one of the fastest selling in the world and estimated to eclipse the Kardashian empire in less than a year since its release.

The pop star followed that up with the announcement of an inclusive lingerie line. She was the star once again at the MET Gala and continues to dominate any field she chooses to conquer. All the years of cat and mouse between Rihanna and Drake have seemingly dwindled away.

Unfollow Through the Tears

The unfollow on IG this morning is peak Scorpio on the edge. Impulsive, angry, and pretending to be unbothered when you are actually very very bothered. I imagine that Drake is somewhere plotting in Scorpio fashion how he will get his revenge for this moment seven years from now on her wedding day by releasing some song about how he was the victim and spilling all the tea. As a fellow Scorpio, I too have been where Drake has been.

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I imagine him right this second going through fits of rage followed by tears followed by that gif of Tiffany Pollard smirking with the knife in her hand as he plots his revenge. Unfortunately for him, Rihanna continues to remain booked and busy and her confirmation of the ending of their friendship seems to be her final declaration that she is over the foolishness.

Rihanna speaking on their relationship confirmed that Drake didn’t believe a single lyric in his latest number one hit. Oddly enough, many think that there is still hope for the on again, off again former friends. Only fate will tell, or them telling their story in a future number one collaboration.

George M. Johnson is a Black queer journalist and activist located in the NYC area. He has written for TheRoot, ET, HIVequal, TeenVogue, NBC News and several other major publications. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.