Here’s how Dr. Dre just lost a lengthy legal fight with a gynecologist

The iconic producer spent three years trying to keep his name clean.

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Dr. Dre is used to winning when it comes to making hits and making money, but the hip hop legend just lost a lengthy legal battle to a gynecologist who dissed and dismissed him.

According to reports, Dr. Draion M. Burch, (aka, Dr. Drai), of Pennsylvania, just won a lawsuit after spending three years in litigation over his desire to trademark his name.

Dr. Dre reportedly took issue with the OBGYN’s attempt to trademark his name due to the notion that fans may be confused by the similarity to his own.

Burch, who is the author of several books, including 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina, insisted that the music mogul’s argument was moot and made it clear he had no desire to attach himself to the rapper and producer known for “misogynistic and homophobic lyrics” and testified that the association would be “a bad reflection on me as a doctor.”

“Dr Dre is not a medical doctor nor is he qualified to provide any type of medical services or sell products specifically in the medical or healthcare industry,” according to documents obtained by the BBC.

“I was just appalled how someone would think that I wanted to be them and I actually went to medical school.”

A 49-page document issued by the trial and appeal board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office explained their decision to rule in Busch’s favor.

They explained that “[t]he issue is not whether purchasers would confuse the goods or services but whether there is a likelihood of confusion as to the source of the goods or services,” and said they found “no evidence of record” demonstrating that “consumers would likely believe the parties’ goods and services would emanate from the same source.”

So far, Dr. Dre has not issued a statement on the ruling, but we’re guessing he isn’t please by the outcome of the three-year case.