‘I ain’t from Wakanda’: Michael B. Jordan rejects white interviewer’s Wakanda salute and we’re watching it on repeat

Not tuh-day.

Wakanda Salute Michael B. Jordan thegrio.com


Black Panther bae Michael B. Jordan was not in the mood to exchange the Wakanda greeting with a “colonizer” during an interview with an Australian journalist.

The brief clip, which has been making the social media rounds, starts with Jordan asking journalist Maude Garrett if she has seen Black Panther. Garrett responds in the affirmative and goes the extra mile by offering up the arms across the chest Wakanda salute.


Jordan does not return the greeting, so Garrett does it again. Jordan, with an unmistakable look of annoyance on his face says “I ain’t from Wakanda.” Unfortunately, the clip ends there, and we’re not able to see the interviewer’s reaction to that solid fact.

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Jordan was right. Neither he nor his character Killmonger are from Wakanda. Jordan is from Santa Ana, CA and Killmonger is from Oakland, CA. Killmonger’s nationality was a major plot point in Black Panther, so maybe Jordan was right to ask Garrett up front if she had seen the film or maybe she was just excited to do what the cool kids have been doing.

Either way, Jordan did not have time to perform on command that day. Killmonger was not about that Wakanda salute life and neither is Jordan.

Check out the video below in all of its glory and of course, Twitter had jokes.