Michael B. Jordan is certifiably for the culture.

After shutting down a white journalist who tried and failed miserably to get Jordan to reciprocate a Wakandan salute and of course embodying the suave of Killmonger in the hit Black Panther flick, Jordan still has to prove his love for all things black and came under fire on Instagram for his dating preferences.

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Jordan posted a video of artist @NickGrantMusic showing off and praising different black women of all sizes and shades, reports the Atlanta Black Star. Jordan responded with the compliment:

“My bruh @nickgrantmusicw/ that new heat #blackwoman

My bruh @nickgrantmusic w/ that new heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥#blackwoman

That’s when supporters—and detractors alike—took Jordan to task in the comment section, arguing that he’s not down with black women. Jordan was once reportedly linked to Latino model Ashlyn Castro.

Said one commenter @msj1992baby: “It’s ironic how you tell white interviews they not wakandan when they try to through [sic] up the (Wakanda sign emoji) up, but you dating a whole colonizer.”

That burn was just one of many that called out the Creed 2 actor for some of his choices.

@breauni_ariel said: “if you date outside you’re race.. Just don’t try & be a spokeman for black women especially when you never dated one.

Another commenter @leroy8999p, said Jordan is only brownnosing to black women to garner support for his upcoming movies.  

“Stop pandering to black women so they can support your films. You know damn well you prefer non black women .”

Maybe not. Michael B. Jordan has gone on the record to defend the dating-white-women-only rumor.

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He said recently in an interview with Ebro in the Morning that he’s single and mingles with all races.

“That’s just another level of ignorance I try not to even engage in,” he said. “Like I said, I’ve been around the world, I love a lot of different people. I love my people. For anybody to question my love for Black women is preposterous.”

Jordan did conjure up some sympathy on the post from one commenter @Queeninmyownway who said:

“… to be honest I feel bad for him I thought people would more or so comment on this beautiful video and the amazing message with it but everything went totally left the comments are definitely cringe worthy.”

Another commenter @_queen_talia_ said in support: “Let the man date whoever he wants, plain and simple. He doesn’t owe us ANYTHING, it’s not gonna make a “difference” if he dates black women or not, trust me, there are men out there willing to love you for who you are, regardless of the color of their skin.”

Commenter @queen_teg wants folks to let Michael B. Jordan live:

“Showing love and appreciation to black women doesn’t necessarily translate into dating them. Leave the man alone. Thank you @michaelbjordan for showing love.”