Quad Webb-Lunceford files for divorce and accuses husband of adultery

The writing was on the wall.

Quad Webb-Lunceford
Quad Webb Lunceford and her soon to be ex, Gregory (Instagram

After serving up a season full of marital drama on Married To Medicine, Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from her husband, Dr. Greg.

The reality star and co-host of Sister Circle filed for divorce on May 1 and the court documents obtained by StraightFromTheA contain quite a few surprises.

While fans of the show know that the couple has been struggling for a while, it seemed the main issue was Quad’s refusal to have children. During an exclusive interview with TheGrio, she opened up about her reasons for waiting to start a family and it sounds like her reservations were warranted.

“I desperately would love one day to have at least one child. Max being two,” she says in an exclusive interview with TheGrio. “But it would be unfair for me to bring a child into this world in a household where we’re not seeing eye to eye.”

According to Quad, she’s not willing to bring a baby into a troubled union.

“I want my child to be emotionally stable and have the best outlook on love and marriage. Right now, my husband and I have to really work out some things before we can even consider that.”

We watched while Dr. Greg stormed out of the house during heated arguments and failed to  get through couple’s counseling, despite the fact that he is a psychiatrist.

“We’ve done marital counseling and the minute that the counselor wanted to address some things with him he continued to deflect to me so she became very frustrated,” Quad says. “Essentially, we got kicked out of counseling. She couldn’t see him. She got that frustrated. My husband is passive aggressive. It was very challenging for him to take a look in the mirror and see what she was saying.”

The reality star and Sister Circle host also claims that her husband’s assertion that he has taken care of her from day one is not entirely accurate.

“I’ve always been a self sufficient, independent person. When I met my husband I was already making six figures.”

“I work hard every single day. I’m continuing to build and expand my brand. Never have I ever felt that I need to get my hustle on more than I do right now. I have a husband and I’m still going harder than ever.”

The biggest bombshell in the court docs is that Quad has accused her husband of adultery and he was reportedly caught in a hotel room with another woman.

Quad made no secret of the fact that she would be willing to call it quits if things didn’t improve and it seems that despite her best efforts, she couldn’t make her marriage work.

“I have considered everything. I’ve tried to buy books… he never read them,” she explains. “I have written things down…he made a mockery of it.”

Let’s hope things don’t get nasty in the courtroom. It’s a strong possibility considering Quad made sure to make it clear that she’s seeking spousal support and wants protection from harassment and violence from her hot-headed husband.