This year a University of Florida graduation usher made headlines after he was caught repeatedly grabbing Black students who were celebrating with traditional sorority and fraternity strolls, and forcefully shoving them off stage for their bad behavior.

And by “bad behavior” we mean having the nerve to joyously celebrate a milestone achievement during a ceremony literally meant to do just that.

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Pretty soon #GraduatingWhileBlack and #BlackExcellence became trending hashtags and in a show of of pride (and masterful pettiness) students all over the country started sharing their own moments of Black joy.

Except now, the ushers know to keep their hands to themselves.

Below is a round up of our favorite Black graduation moments from the Class of 2018. Sifting through the extensive list of worthy entries was deeply inspiring, so when you’re done reading this, feel free to add your own testimony in the comments section.

We need more opportunities to highlight our wins as much as our adversities.

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8Clark Atlanta University throwing shade at predominantly white universities (PWIs)

“Tired of PWIs fining you or not letting you step or shimmy when you graduate? come to #CAU… #HBCU,” the university’s Twitter account posted. No doubt in reference to the University of Florida incident.