White woman calls police on Black pool goers for “making fun of me”

The salty tears keep flowing.

A White woman called the police on a group of Black friends visiting a local pool for "making fun of me."


“BBQ Becky” has a cousin by racist association and her name is “Pool Patty.”

We all heard about the white woman Jennifer Schulte who called the cops on some BBQing Black folks in Oakland, became one of the most memorable meme’s of the year and a reminder to white folks everywhere to mind their own business.

Now, News One reports that a white woman – who everyone has renamed “Pool Patty” – called the police after harassing several Black people chilling at a local pool.

The video, uploaded by Facebook user Serenity Jackson, shows the white woman upset after asking a Black woman to talk to her because she was “depressed.” When the Black woman declined her offer, Patty called the police in hopes that they would side with her foolishness and arrest the group of Black people “taking over” the pool. 

Calling police on Black folks for nothing has become an increasingly popular way for White people to feel safe. In an egregious example of White privilege, this woman had the audacity to think she could force a Black woman to be her therapist and listen to her white woes. No thank you, Patty. We applaud the Black woman who declined your offer for reclaiming all her time today.

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And in a message to Patty, in case you don’t know what happened to your cousin Becky, let us remind you.

Remember BBQ Becky?

If there was ever a case of a white woman who felt as if she owned the right to run and ruin somebody’s life, then BBQ Becky is it. This white woman put her two cents in a Black family’s business as they tried to use a grill to barbecue at Lake Merritt Park in Oakland. The woman threatened to call the police—and did. But when the police arrived they refused to interfere and said the man she targeted was within his rights. The white woman then started crying, acting as if she being harassed instead of acting as the harasser.

The backlash was of epic proportions when the Oakland community held a massive #BBQingWhileBlack event that drew thousands to the same park.

The woman became the butt of jokes all over social media with memes that her calling the police on the dancers on Soul Train, Rosa Parks and even Martin Luther King Jr.

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The other white lady who recorded the video in that scenario immediately saw that it was problematic and said: “This is exactly what is the problem with Oakland today. This lady wants to sit here and call the police on them for having a barbecue at the lake as if this is not normal.”