LivingWhileBlack: 10 videos showing white people doing the most to make sure Black people can’t just live

Aaron Schlossberg and Jennifer Schulte are just two examples of degrees not translating to common sense. (Screenshots)

As stories and videos continue to flood our timelines and inboxes it’s become evident that Black folks will be badgered and bothered on a constant basis by white folks looking to get all up in our business.

Some way, somehow, our skin color has become an offensive front that requires white people to insert their opinions, question our right to be anywhere and even call the police over the most mundane of activities. We’ve been forced on several occasions to open up cans of whoop ass by way of calling the cops on them. I won’t say America’s racial climate is at an all-time high because we know of days of old, but with cases piling up there does seem to be an increase in these incidents of #LivingWhileBlack.
Check out the 10 times white folks needed a reminder to mind their own damn business.

BBQ Becky

If there was ever a case of a white woman feeling that she was privileged and owned the right to ruin somebody’s life, then BBQ Becky is it. This white woman put her two cents in a black family’s business as they tried to barbecue in a park. When she got called out for her bull – by another white woman – she started crying and tried to make herself the victim when the cops showed up. Instead she got backlash of epic proportions when the Oakland community held a massive #BBQingWhileBlack event that drew thousands to the same park.

Black Realtor had cops called on him by white woman

A racist woman’s attempt to have a Black man locked up backfired after accusing him of breaking into a home that he had a contract on as a realtor. Police arrived on the scene and threatened the angry lady with jail time if she continued to harass him. Um, ma’am go back in the house and crochet a hanky to wipe away your white tears. You tried it.

Vacationing While Black

A Black woman who vacationed with friends and stayed at a California Airbnb said they were swarmed by police and detained after a neighbor reported a group of Black people were taking luggage out of a house. The woman called the cops because the women did not wave at her when they were leaving! Really? I don’t know about you but my momma taught me not to talk to strangers so…

Sitting While Black

This is a classic case of how a racist manager felt empowered by her whiteness. Starbucks came under fire after a video surfaced on social media showing Philadelphia police officers arresting two Black men for sitting and waiting for a business associate. A white manager called the po-po just two minutes after they entered. She was later found to be racist with a pattern of abuse of calling the cops of black people.

Golfing While Black

A group of Black women enjoying an outing at a golf club had the cops called on them for allegedly playing too slowly on the golf course at the Grandview Golf Club in Pennsylvania. They were asked to leave, and had the cops called on them for nothing. A white co-owner of the club, they explained, came up twice to rush them along and complain about how they were playing. But they picked the wrong women to mess with that day.

Eating While Black

A white manager of a Plano, Texas, restaurant made a blatant attempt to kick out a Black couple after they refused to give up their seat to a white customer. Wimbrey and his wife were already seated, had been given menus, and were about to order when the manager strolled over and demanded that they move their seat for the white regular. The manager did call Plano Police, but Wimbrey and his wife decided to leave before they arrived.

Sleeping While Black 

Yale graduate student Lolade Siyonbola, who was simply taking a nap in the common room of her residence hall when her neighbor Sarah Braasch called the police on her. Siyonbola uploaded two videos to Facebook. One showed the neighbor filming her and telling Siyonbola that the common room is not for sleeping. The other video was of her interaction with police once they arrived. Yale has since apologized.

Purchasing Popcorn While Black

Black kids can’t just be.  A California popcorn shop owner hurled racial slurs at a group of black kids, calling them the n-word and chased them out of the store. Cornology CEO Mark Stone, was identified as the man calling the youths n*ggers, but he has since denied it saying it was an employee instead.

Pushing Stroller While Black

Seriously? Donald Sherman’s little boy had a fever, so he stayed home with the tike and decided to take him out for some air at a nearby park. There was nothing out of the ordinary, just a dad pushing his son in a stroller. Except he had the cops called on him for nothing. A security officer in a marked vehicle flagged him down and told him that a woman called in to say that there was a “suspicious man” walking with a baby on the path.Sherman was pretty sure the complainant was a white woman on a bike who passed by him and his boy a little earlier.

Eating at Waffle House While Black

Sometimes when you are getting horrible service, you know you need to go a paygrade or three above the person you’re talking to and get a real boss involved. That’s what Chikesia Clemons tried to do at an Alabama Waffle House.Unfortunately for her, when she asked the worker she was talking to for corporate info., that worker called police instead. Clemons ended up half naked, breasts exposed, screaming on the ground as police officers threatened to break her arm. Her friend videoed the police encounter on a cellphone.As of right now, Waffle House says that the information it has received “strongly supports the actions taken by the Saraland Police Department.”