EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx on his EPIC BET Awards after party and how you can get in

Foxx will host the 2018 BET Awards on Sunday.


Jamie Foxx is set to host the 2018 BET Awards this weekend and while we can’t wait to see what unfolds when he hits the stage, we’re even more curious about what will happen once the big show is over.

Each year, there are tons of events to hit before and after the annual award show and it can get hard to decide where the ultimate destination is. Record labels host parties, artists often hold exclusive performances and there are always a few secret spots to hit that are sure to attract tons of stars and industry insiders. 

According to our correspondent, Cherise Nicole, Foxx’s house is the place to be after the BET Awards and she says she experienced the best party of her life when she attended a few years back. 

Foxx revealed that when he hosted the show in 2009 he threw an epic after party that was attended by everyone from Timbaland to Kanye West and it was one for the books. 

“I remember everybody partying, then Timbaland walked in and it became a semi-battle. Kanye is a unicorn. You don’t just see Kanye out. Everybody went crazy and he had a great time,” Foxx says in our exclusive interview. 

“I’m gonna tell you why it was crazy. We set up a stage and it was organic. Everybody came in. It was about 2,500 people there. Every time the DJ played a record, the person they played was there and they performed. I was so bubbly,” he said before recounting a little misunderstanding he had with T.I. that night.

This year, Jamie Foxx plans to top the party he had nine years ago. “We plan to do that this year only on a little bit of a steroid injection,” he says. 

Check out the full interview and find out how you an get in to the A-list soiree, above.