Restaurant manager fired for calling police on Delta sorority members

After Bahama Breeze policed a group of black sorority members by calling the cops on them to ensure they paid

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After Bahama Breeze policed a group of black sorority members by calling the cops on them to ensure they paid their food bills, the manager responsible was fired.

Members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority say a Cleveland-area restaurant manager called police on them after a member of their party complained she was going to leave because she was waiting too long for her bill.

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The woman who complained was reportedly with the 40 or so Deltas dining together at the Bahama Breeze Restaurant near Cleveland, and had been waiting about 25 minutes for her bill, said Chante Spencer in a Facebook post.

The woman ultimately waited for the bill and paid but police were called because the manager wanted officers to wait as other members of the party, spread out at various tables, paid their bills too, the Plain Dealer reported.

“No one deserves to be treated that way,” Spencer told WKYC-TV, Cleveland.

“Police were standing there to make sure everyone paid, which we felt was racial profiling,” Spencer told the news organization.

Ohio Congresswoman Marcia Fudge released a statement about the incident.

“It is a chilling reminder that no African American is exempt from the impact of racial profiling when a group of professional women, known for their service and advocacy are victims,” she said in a press release. “As an African American woman and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I am appalled that this occurred in the district I represent, and will not be silent.”

The manager also said some members of the group caused a “disturbance” and used profanity toward her, according to the police report.

The group was meeting to celebrate a sorority member’s book deal and her planned relocation to the West Coast, Spencer said.

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“I am hoping that Bahama Breeze looks at this very carefully and alters policies and does some more training,” Spencer told the Plain Dealer. “You cannot make assumptions that people are going to commit a crime based on how they look.”

Darden Concepts which owns Bahama Breeze released a statement: “We clearly fell short of delivering great service, and we’ve invited the guests back in order to provide an exceptional Bahama Breeze experience.”