White woman attacks family with racial slurs while they celebrate birthday party

The attacks on people of color continue and this time a family celebrating a birthday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas caught a white woman on video hurling a racial slurs into the camera.

Angela Gomez posted the video, which has since gone viral with millions of views, and said the unnamed woman started her hateful tirade by saying to her family: “you’re welcome for the welfare” and “go back to Mexico,” reports WTAE.

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Gomez said she and her family who were celebrating a birthday and had saved some tables. A family of four approached and asked if they could sit among them in some of the saved seats and Gomez said she complied.

But when one of the children, sat on top of the table, Gomez said her aunt kindly asked the mother if she would have her son actually sit on the bench instead of the tabletop since they were about to eat food there.

“We weren’t yelling at her kid or anything like that,” Gomez said. “We weren’t trying to be confrontational with them at all.”

After the mom got offended because nobody wanted her son’s funky butt on the table, she then went on a full on racist rant, calling the family “wetbacks.”

Gomez whipped out her cellphone and repeatedly asked the woman to say the word again —which she did on camera.

“Go to hell” Gomez said after the woman called her the racist slur.

“I was just shocked that that was actually happening. It seems lately that people are comfortable with that, with expressing their racism in public like that,” Gomez said.

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She later added, “If you have those views, maybe you shouldn’t be out where there are whoever you’re racist against. You can’t treat people like that.”

A Six Flags spokesman said in a statement:

“We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and deeply regret that this exchange occurred in our park.”