Dancing Doctor agrees to give up medical license after malpractice suits

dancing doctorDr. Windell Davis-Boutte had her medical license suspended thegrio.com


The Georgia woman who billed herself as the Dancing Doctor and busted a move while operating on her patients cut a deal with the Georgia Composite Medical Board to give her license for the two and a half years.

Dr. Windell Boutte won’t be shaking her booty and making music videos while performing surgeries for awhile. However, in two years the a board-certified dermatologist will have a chance to get her license back. But it will remain to be seen if she learned her lesson from the ordeal.

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The order also says that Boutte can’t reference herself with the title “doctor” nor can she operate any business as one.

Boutte also agreed to drop a case against the medical board where she sought a restraining order.

A spokesperson for Boutte issued this statement: “Windell Davis-Boutte respects the process and has voluntarily accepted the consent order for suspension. She is hopeful that the suspension will be lifted and she is able to practice Medicine at some point in the near future.”

Boutte came under fire after Atlanta’s WSBTV did a number of stories about women who had been disfigured by the dermatologist who professed to be a top plastic surgeon. A series of lawsuits followed, including one from the family of a woman who suffered severe brain damage.

More than 20 YouTube videos showed the surgeon dancing and rapping in homemade music videos. In them you can see the bodies of patients who are apparently under anesthesia. Some of the videos also show while she’s dancing she is cutting into the patients and performing work.

The Dancing Doctor Davis-Boutte touted herself as “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon” but she was a dermatologist.

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HLN found that there were at least five malpractice lawsuits filed against Boutte. The dancing doctor reached settlements in four of the cases. In one case, a woman who suffered a collapsed lung, had received liposuction, breast augmentation and a Brazilian Butt lift by Boutte as recent as May 30. The woman said she was rushed to the hospital after suffering from respiratory distress and she was bleeding from the liposuction incisions.

“These were all consented videos. They were staged, they were planned,” Boutte said.