On Monday, Joe Jackson was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, the same place where his superstar son Michael rests.

A source told the Hollywood Reporter that the Jackson family buried the 89-year-old in a private ceremony, surrounded by family, and close friends.

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On Instagram, Jackson’s oldest son Jackie and Marlon Jackson were pictured helping Jackie’s young son River adjust his tie. In the background of one pic, a wall painting of Michael Jackson could be seen.

Jackson died last week after a long battle with terminal pancreatic cancer. Jackson was the tough as nails and allegedly abusive father and manager of the iconic musical group, the hit-making Jackson 5.

In his final days his wife, Katherine Jackson, had reportedly been at his bedside as were some of Joe’s 11 children and grandchildren.

Jackie Jackson wrote on Instagram paid tribute to his dad.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, for all the sacrifices you made, so that we could be the best that we could be. I love you, Jackie.”

Jackson is survived by his wife, Katherine and their children Maureen, 68, Jackie, 67, Tito, 64,Jermaine, 63, La Toya, 62, Marlon, 61, Randy, 56, and Janet, 52.

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