PHOTOS: Beyonce shares sweet vacation snaps with Jay-Z

Beyonce & Jay-Z
Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be having a blast on their On The Run II Tour and the superstar took time to share some sweet snapshots with her man on Instagram.

It looks like The Carters know how to relax with a cold beer just like the rest of us when they snag some downtime from their hectic touring schedule.

Blue Ivy joined in on the fun while they took in some sights, but she isn’t loving every moment of the tour. Video is circulating of the adorable 6-year-old girl watching a concert in London of her ultra famous parents’ On the Run II tour and then expressing disgust and horror at one perhaps too sexy part.

The little girl is seen standing at some fencing, watching with a smile, when her face slowly converts from wonder and happiness to embarrassment and, ultimately, a full-on frown. Finally, unable to take it anymore, the little girl, rocking an afro puff, covers her eyes. Just to make sure she can’t see the offending material, she even squats so as to cover her face behind the fencing.

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Barefoot and smiling, Beyonce is the picture of perfect vacay style.

Being ont he road doesn’t stop Queen Bey from showing off her style game. She’s baring lots of leg in a high top know and summer shades.

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Bey gives us her best gangster pose in an adorable romper.

Beyonce is all smiles as she boards another flight on her On The Run II Tour. 

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We can’t wait until these two bring their show stateside.