What if we told you there was a way to have a worry-free family adventure this summer? Well, it’s true and you can do it by riding with Amtrak !

Whether you engage your kids in the oral traditional of family storytelling or squad up and break out the deck of cards for a mean game of Spades, this is your opportunity to create new lasting memories. If you prefer a simpler approach, put your phone on vibrate, stick it in your backpack and live in the present as you gaze out onto the country’s beautiful landscapes. Take a moment to take it all in. After all, the journey is just as worthwhile as the destination.

We found 10 family-friendly train trips you can take by train that will allow you to sit back and relax as you travel to exhilarating new places that are the cornerstone of our great country.

1New Orleans

The famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Pack up the family and board the Crescent Amtrak train to New Orleans where you’ll share in the excitement of arguably the richest musical and culinary heritage in the South. Relax on your way there or plot out your family’s immersion into the sights, sounds and tastes of what folks used to call, “The Paris of the South.”

Once you arrive, your family may be surprised to encounter a Second Line brass band parading down the infamous Bourbon Street. Visit the Audubon Zoo, the Louisiana Children’s Museum or Jazz National Historical Park. Stop by the legendary Cafe DuMonde to taste their world-famous beignets or check out Heard Dat Kitchen on Felicity Street to get your soul food on. There’s a world of culture and culinary delight awaiting your family in the Big Easy.