Grio Good News Report | Non-Profit organization, Base 11, will grant one HBCU 1.5 million to create rocketry program

What would your HBCU do with 1.5 million dollars? One lucky HBCU is on track to find out thanks to a huge grant from the organization Base 11. The funds will be used to develop a rocketry lab program and to further STEM research.

According to the Birmingham Times, several Historically Black Colleges and Universities will be considered. The competition begins in august. The non-profit hopes the rocketry program will help diversify the aerospace industry and close the racial gap in stem.

Base 11’s CEO Landon Taylor said, “the african american workforce and entrepreneurial community was largely left behind by the tech boom in silicon valley, and we don’t want to see the same thing happen with the commercial space industry.”

The space industry is predicted to be worth 3 trillion dollars within the next 30 years.