VIDEO: How HBCU students turned girl’s prom nightmare into dream evening


A young lady who was gearing up to get dolled up for her prom, traveled an hour to meet up with her make-up artist only to find out the appointment was cancelled.

Just a few hours before the special event, the young lady found out she was stuck but not out of luck, when a group of Morgan State University students swooped in like fairy godmothers to work their magic and help the high-schooler get ready.

The whole heart-warming exchange went viral after a video posted. The girl, identified as Sheeba in the video, still needed to get her hair and make-up done yet it was only hours before the prom doors were scheduled to close.

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Sisterhood was in full force as the college students swarmed in and turned a dorm room into a beauty salon. The students turned into make-up artists and hair stylists and helped the student transform into the belle of the ball.

It was mission accomplished with the student high school student high-stepping out in a gorgeous, flowing low-cut black gown and a big smile.

 We’ll say it again, Black girls are magic.

The video of operation-help-a-sister-slay went viral on social media and the showing of sisterhood in the girl’s time of need on a very magical day, left many people speechless.

“Man, listen. It’s so beautiful,” said one commenter.

“Being a black girl is lit,” said another.

“Don’t forget about the prayer circle to ensure safety,” another person commented.

Another person wrote:

“I want them to stay in touch with this young lady. She needs that.”

We agree.

“That Black Girl Energy is UNPARALLELED. God will bless all of the people involved,” say another.

Watch the video that will have you cheering and high-fiving too!