50 Cent and the quick Instagram clap backs with Remy Ma and Papoose

Rapper Remy Ma and her husband, Papoose ( (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)) are in a war of words with rapper 50 cent ((Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC)


Rapper 50 Cent is known for his trolling ways, but this time he may have taken it too far when he dared to flirt with Remy Ma, which made her husband Papoose jump in and hit back, Billboard reports.

“Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim,” on Instagram in response to Remy’s new look. Unfortunately, Remy’s husband, Papoose took offense to the seductive comment and quickly clapped back, taking aim at Fiddy’s lack of commitment to his own baby mama.

“Damn @daphnejoy no wedding yet? If @50Cent doesn’t Marry you… I’ll introduce you to my homeboy. He’s more mature,” posted Papoose.

To which 50 responded, “Ok but she lost weight, and she good what the f**k you want me to do about that.” #lecheminduroi #power

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#Papoose petty for bringing #50Cent’s baby mother into this ??

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Remy is a ride or die chick when it comes to her hubby – who she just renewed her vows with a few weeks ago. After the ceremony, the couple announced that Remy is four months pregnant. As a way to avoid further drama, Rema blocked 50 Cent.


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50 of course had something to say about that too.

“Remy blocked till she can get control of her husband and shit. All I said was she lost weight and pap start tripping. I’m not fighting nobody over their wife now. get the strap #lecheminduroi #power”

50 claimed even Fat Joe chimed in to the beef and asked that he just let it go.

“Crack just called and said let him go, I was like ok cool but Remy staying blocked till she straighten him out.get the strap#power #lecheminduroi

You would think 50 would be focused on his hit show Power and the fact that it has recently returned for Season 5, breaking records in its debut with 1.55 million viewers while the Starz app had 2.8 million streams, reports Deadline.

#50Cent needs his phone taken away!! ? #Papoose

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Even that success isn’t keeping 50 focused. Last month, the New York Daily News reports that 50 was hanging out with corrupt cops and sitting between former Detective David Terrell and Terrell’s lawyer Eric Sanders at the Smoker at New York Expo Center in the Bronx on Thursday during a boxing tournament. The crowd – made up of mostly cops — starting yelling “Hey 50! Get the Strap! Get the Strap!” sources said.

But who knows, he might have been getting some firsthand insight for Power.

Stay out of trouble 50!