Killer Mike offers kids free haircuts as they head back to school


Rapper Killer Mike is doing his due diligence to make a difference and offering up free haircuts to Atlanta children headed back to school.

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On July 28 and again on August 4, kids aged 5-17 can get their fresh cuts at S.W.A.G. Shop locations in Atlanta, reports WSBTV..

With this boss move, Killer Mike is definitely getting back into our good graces helping the community and the culture in such a thoughtful way.

A minute ago, things didn’t look so good for the inspirational speaker who tried to come for Joy Ann Reid and came up short.

The Run the Jewels rapper caught from the MSNBC anchor and many others for doing a pro-gun ownership interview on NRA TV that was (unsurprisingly) weaponized to undermine the March for Our Lives youth movement.

Killer Mike later found himself in Black Twitter’s crosshairs for trying to call Reid a hypocrite, but he came up short on the facts.

It all started when Reid posted a picture on Instagram of herself and two women. In the caption, she wrote “And not to be outdone… @glamluxxe and @savvychicz, who rocked the H&M for our Elgin Baylor shoot! #AMJoy#GlamSquad”

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Killer Mike saw the caption and was quick to point out what he saw as Reid’s hypocrisy.

“So me doing an interview about black gun ownership with the NRA is “bad,” but you promoting a company that tagged a black child a monkey is “good,” “cool, ” and “acceptable”. Ok check . Smh n***as,” wrote the rapper.

He thought the “H&M” Reid referred to in her caption was  clothing retailer H & M. The Swedish company caught flack earlier this year for publishing an ad that featured a Black boy in a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” emblazoned on it.

Well at least Killer Mike is now taking care of the boys in Atlanta’s neighborhoods!