Brow Beaten: Brooklyn salon workers physically attack Black women after they refused to pay for unsatisfactory brow service


Everyone is still trying to sort out what was happening inside a Brooklyn nail salon where a pretty wild melee took place with broomsticks flying during a beat-down after a customer allegedly refused to pay for a botched eye brow job, the NY Post reports.

Asian nail workers squared off against several Black woman as seen in a viral video posted on Facebook. The Asian woman converged on several women, beating one viciously in the back with what looks like a broom handle, witnesses and cops said. A man held another woman and would not let her go as the women continued their assault against her too.

Fists were flying, and one woman even used a dustpan in the dust-up at the New Red Apple Nails on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

According to witnesses, one woman was upset because her brow job was  “f–ked up,’ (her words). A bystander not involved in the brawl took the video.

“So, I’m at the nail salon and they f–ked up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke outttt,” explained Mercy Maduka in the video caption.

“Hitting them like animals,” she said.

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The Aftermath

A salon worker, Huiyue Zheng, 32, was arrested charged with assault and weapon possession, according to police.

A salon customer was arrested as well. Zheng was released from jail on her own recognizance after a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, cops said.

Customer Christina Thomas was booked on misdemeanor assault and other charges. She was also released on her own recognizance, the Post reports.

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The video now has more than 700,000 views with many on Facebook urged people to stop supporting the nail salon.

Facebook user Jasmine Johnson posted a video of a protest in front of the Brooklyn salon on Sunday. The shop was closed for the day and Johnson encouraged viewers of the video to continue protesting and boycotting the business.

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