The Download | August 8, 2018: Ferguson council member, Wesley Bell, defeats prosecuting attorney, Bob McCulloch

The citizens in St.Louis county showed up and showed out at the polls. 43-year-old- Black council member from Ferguson, Wesley Bell, defeated 67-year-old prosecutor attorney Bob McCulloch.

McCulloch was known for handling the Mike Brown case— and not securing charges against officer Darren Wilson.

He had seven terms in office— but Bell beat him out with 57 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, Bell promised that in the case of police shootings, he’d appoint a special prosecutor to handle them.

According to Vox.Com, prosecutors can have a major role in driving mass incarceration because they decide whether to press for felony charges in particular arrests.

Wesley Bell has promised to reform the criminal justice system— and since he has no competitor for the November races— he’ll become a St. Louis county prospector with the power to do it.

See what happens when we vote?