Grio Good News Report : William G. Gross makes history as Boston’s first African-American commissioner

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[griojw id=”i1VqDS57″ playerid=”GqX43ZoG”]Since the beginning of the policing in the city of Boston, Massachusetts the city has never seen a Black commissioner.

But now history has been made with its 42nd commissioner. William Gross was sworn in as the first African-American police commissioner to grace the city of Boston.

Gross has been apart of the police department since 1985 and despite the lack of Blacks in higher ranks, he made a way.

For the last four and a half years, he was the superintendent in chief– the second-highest position on the force.

Now. with his new position as commissioner, Gross says he plans on bringing more diversity to the police force, lowering the crime in the community and also addressing issues like police brutality.

Getting power and rank in large organizations isn’t easy but it’s even better when people are doing something positive with it.