Season Finale After Show of OWN’s “Love Is___” with Natasha Alford & Enitan Bereola II, Part 2 (WATCH)

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The first season of OWN’S Love Is__ is filled with twists and turns and although the season has ended, the discussions don’t stop. Co-hosts Natasha S. Alford and Enitan Bereola II  break down the finale and all the highlights.

A major moment in the season finale is when Nuri (played by Michele Weaver) gets proposed to by her ex-boyfriend, Derrick (played by Toby Sandeman) and although she turns down the proposal, the million dollar question is: Why did present-day Nuri (who’s now married to Yasir) still have the ring?  Natasha Alford and Enitan Bereola II weigh in.

“I would’ve given the ring back a long time ago,” says Alford. “Once I get married, it’s me and that person, that’s the person that  I committed too. I don’t need this relic of the past, and I can afford to buy my own ring at this point.”

Bereola takes on a different perspective and questions if there was really any harm done with Nuri’s actions.

“Mara, I feel like you’re just sweet and charming and it’s like, “Oh, I don’t want to be disrespectful,” says Bereola. “I feel like you didn’t mean any harm in that but I know with Yasir’s ego…I know that’s why she didn’t tell him about it but why did she keep it?”

We’ll have to wait for season two to find out! In the meantime, watch the full recap of theGrio’s Love Is__ segment and leave your comments below.