RUMOR PATROL: Geoffrey Owens hasn’t seen a dime from Nicki Minaj despite $25,000 pledge

The former 'Cosby Show' star doesn't need the rapper's charity.


Even though Geoffrey Owens has received all kinds of hook ups from Hollywood since he was shamed for his gig at Trader Joe’s, it looks like some of his “supporters” are stiffing him.

According to reports, Nicki Minaj has failed to make good on her public promise to donate $25,000 to the former Cosby Show star.

She made the pledge to gift the actor with some coin on her Queen radio show last week.

“They took a picture of Geoffrey Owens and put this motherf***ing man on the motherf***in’ internet while he was f***ing baggin up some f***ing ‘groceries to feed his muthaf***ing family,” said the Grammy-nominated artist on her Beats 1 program Queen Radio.

“I personally want to donate, on behalf of Queen Radio, $25,000 to Geoffrey Owens today…Let me tell you something: This man is a whole f***in’ legend in these streets,” she said.

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Sources told TMZ that the rapper has not contacted Geoffrey Owens or his representatives and they haven’t seen a dime of her donation. On this week’s installment of her show, Minaj reiterated that she has had a hard time getting in touch with the actor.

Either way, Geoffrey Owens is not looking for a handout and has already secured several bags of his own by nabbing roles on Tyler Perry‘s hit show, The Haves and The Have Nots as well as NCIS: New Orleans. 

The woman who took a viral pic of Owens has apologized for the hurt and humiliation she caused.

Karma Lawrence snapped a couple pictures of the actor as he worked a cash register at a New Jersey Trader Joe’s grocery store. She then went the extra step of offering up the pics to several websites.

For her part, Lawrence says she is sorry about her involvement in the whole debacle. And because Twitter is undefeated when it comes to outing a person’s identity, she was herself shamed online for what some people saw as her attempting to shame Owens.