Amber Rose
Amber Rose (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Amber Rose, model and activist described to US Weekly about her 5-year-old’s interactions with his female classmates. Rose said her son is very affectionate in part due to how she and his father, multi-platinum rapper Wiz Khalifa, are raising him.   

“We kiss him all day, we hug him all day, we show him a lot of love,” she told the magazine.  “We’re a very loving family … and I grew up very Italian, culturally, so we kiss everyone on the cheek when we greet people.”

She said her son followed that practice in preschool last year.  

“He kisses all the boys on the cheek, like, ‘Hello, good morning.’ And then all the girls, he kisses on the lips!” she said. “And so when I would drop him off at school, the other mothers would be like, ‘Did he just kiss my daughter on the lips?’”

In time, Rose, who is known for not biting her tongue on topics ranging from ex-love Kanye West to slut-shaming, had to sit Sebastian down for a discussion.

“I’m like, ‘Honey, I know we kiss you all the time and stuff like that, but you have to ask for permission and they have to say yes, and if they say no, you can’t kiss them, baby,’” she said. “I’m already teaching him consent at 5 years old!”

However, Sebastian’s mommy said the ladies man in the making has eyes on a famous pop star and is already making plans in his mind.

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Taylor Swift is his wife. It’s his one and only,” Rose said. “He said, ‘Mommy, I’m gonna be the delivery room when Taylor Swift has our baby’ I’m like, ‘Honey, she’s too old for you. You can’t marry her! I mean, maybe when you hit 18 or 21 you could ask her.”

A child can dream, can’t he?

Speaking about slut-shaming, Rose, the founder of the annual Amber Rose SlutWalk, the nonprofit event that seeks to end rape culture, victim blaming and body- and slut-shaming, said she wants to make sure that her son values the importance of treating other people with respect.

“My passion in life is to help people,” she said. “Any time that I can help someone, especially women, is when I truly feel empowered.”

This year’s SlutWalk event will be held in Los Angeles on October 6.