Filed under “This is Why We Need Diverse Newsrooms,” the New York Times (NYT) is the latest mainstream publication to confuse two Black people who look nothing alike. This time it was the stunning Angela Bassett looking stunning at the Emmys last night, being mistaken for ousted White House staffer Omarosa.

Say what now, NYT?

Deservedly so, the NYT got flamed on Twitter and there was so much shade that there was plenty left over for Omarosa.

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Of course, the NYT got wind of the dragging (mostly because people were boss enough to repeatedly @ them) and they issued an apology and promised a correction in tomorrow’s paper edition. Yes, this mistake was in print.

Not everyone accepted that little apology though:

Next time, NYT might want to re-think think some of their hires if they can’t tell apart Black folks who look absolutely nothing alike. There’s no way a Black person would have let such an egregious error slide.

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