WATCH: CEO and best-selling author, Enitan Bereola II, talks about getting over his fears and following his true calling

The author and relationship expert delivers some inspirational messages.

CEO and best-selling author, Enitan Bereola talks about what keeps him motivated and how he manifested his destiny.

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If someone would’ve told Enitan Bereola, 36, that he would become a three-time best-selling author, he probably wouldn’t have believed it.

Getting published was never a goal for the California native and he never had a passion for writing, but receiving encouragement from a mentor about putting pen to paper planted the seed. Soon after, Bereola manifested it, releasing his first book, “How To Be a Gentleman – Bereolaesque: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book For The Urban Sophisticate,” in 2009, followed by his second book, “GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady, from a Gentleman” in 2013. Last year, he released his latest body of work, “THE GRAY: A Relationship Etiquette Study.”

Although Bereola is confident in his work, he admits he still had some reservations when it came to writing about relationships and woman, but his ability to tell a story and the motivation to cultivate his greatness allowed him to create his latest work of art.

“I have a key level of discernment that allows me to step into people’s minds and feel people, says Bereola. “I don’t want to get too spooky here but it really is a gift, a trait that allows me to tell people’s stories. I would just see a lot of what other people couldn’t see and I would just sit there [thinking] ‘I’m not supposed to say anything because I am a man and I can’t speak on this.’ I don’t want to be grouped in with these men who are putting out books and movies and magazines and having all these conversations about women.”

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Some may refer to Bereola as a “relationship expert,” but he actually has many titles under his belt and refuses to be confined into a box. He’s also a ghostwriter, global speaker, the CEO at The Bereolaesque Group, a creative branding and publishing company, and the most important of them all, a husband and a father to his son, Miles.

Bereola admits he had some fears in writing his latest book, “THE GRAY: A Relationship Etiquette Study.”

“I knew I  had to write it but it took me four years to do it because I was afraid of the backlash and at the end of the day afraid of being great, which is what a lot of people suffer from. I don’t have that problem anymore.”

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Here’s further insight into the man and his creative vision and advice on love and marriage in this day and age.

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Bereola is currently on the EXHIBIT GRAY TOUR! For more information on the tour and his books, check out his official site.