Will Smith bungee jumps for his 50th birthday and offers up life-changing advice minutes later

Will Smith | YouTube

Will Smith decided to ring in his 50th birthday in a major way. The Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated entertainer took to the skies and bungee jumped into the Grand Canyon to celebrate his milestone birthday.

It was a family affair. Smith’s wife Jada and his three children Trey, Jaden, and Willow cheered him on and waited for him on the ground. His television family was also in attendance. Alfonso Ribeiro (Cousin Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) hosted the event for You Tube Originals. The 8-minute video is entitled “The Jump.”

Viewers get to see the preparation for the jump as well as the final anxious moments before Smith makes the leap. Family, friends, and fans break out into cheers and applause when Smith safely lands on the ground and is greeted by stunt professionals. “That shit is terrifying—absolute terror, but the most exhilarating thing,” Smith can be heard saying as he is unhooked from the bungee apparatus.

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Moments later, Smith dished out life advice. “Commit! You gotta commit. You might get hurt, you might lose something, but you can not experience the joy that is intended for you in life if you don’t go,” he said with adrenalin from this jump still pumping through his veins.

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Anyone who follows Smith on Instagram is not surprised by the dollop of wisdom offered in the video. He has become an Instagram sensation since he joined the social media platform last December. He has racked up more than 20 million followers with a slew of photos and videos that capture intimate family moments/hijinks and his thoughts about life in general.

Check out “The Jump” below: