Woman finds biological mother after 15-year search

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An Atlanta woman who went on a personal crusade to find her birth mother got a pleasant surprise when she finally met the woman face-to-face through FaceTime.

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Jessica Nicole, unleashed a flood of emotions in a video when her 15-year search for her birth mother became a reality when the two met online, the Daily Mail reports.

Nicole always knew she was adopted because her adoptive parents were open and honest about her history. But the mystery of who her parents were always remained an open wound that she longed to heal.

“My adopted family have always been open about my adoption and supportive in my search. I always wondered if she ever thought about me,” Nicole said.

“I tried online ancestry websites, but I was only able to locate third and fourth generations of family.”

Nicole said once she turned 18, she contacted Catholic Charities the organization that facilitated the adoption but was told her birth mom would have to be the one to initiate seeing Nicole first.

So, Nicole took to social media to turn the tide on the search for her birth mom. She searched for 15 years, scouring websites and the social media profiles of countless women in hopes of making contact with her birth mother. And it proved difficult since all she had to rely on was her birth’s mother first name: Tammy.

Nicole set up a “Looking for Tammy,” Facebook page. She was then contacted by Monica Monger, who works for Catholic Charities, who assisted her in the search.

Monger found Tammy’s page and reached out to her in secret to gauge if she has interest in finally seeing her birth daughter.

“I always knew we’d find each other – but I still couldn’t believe it,” Nicole said.

After years of searching, the two finally connected, culminating with a phone call and then a very moving FaceTime video where Nicole was overcome with emotion.

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“I was sobbing on the phone because I felt like I was dreaming,” Nicole said. “I kind of zoned out, it was all very surreal. I’ve always thought about the moment we were separated, laying in her arms as a newborn in that cold hospital room – how she felt, what she was going through.

“I never hated her for what she did,” Nicole said. Her mother Tammy reportedly was only 15 when she gave birth and had her mother made her give up the baby. A family in Jackson, Mississippi adopted the baby in 1984.

“My mother is a very private person and had been through a lot. We’ve both had or share of ups and downs, but we’re getting closer and connecting,” she said. “I can’t wait to continue discovering each other. I’m looking forward to hugging her.

Nicole hasn’t yet her birth mother in person just yet but says: “we are working towards it.”