‘Bad Boys 3’ movie news heats up but Martin Lawrence still hasn’t signed on


Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna’ do… if Martin Lawrence, one of the most notable faces of the hit movie franchise doesn’t sign on for the third installment?

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That’s the burning question now that Bad Boys 3 has been greenlit and Will Smith is reportedly on board to return as the stylish and trigger-happy Miami detective Mike Lowrey.

The movie will be the eagerly awaited follow up to the 1995 Bad Boys and the 2003 Bad Boys II sequel. However, even though Smith and Lawrence twice made magic on-screen as the comedic cops who took down drug dealers, Lawrence has yet “come to terms” on his return, Variety reports. Lawrence apparently “continues to circle” the project.

While we’d surely love for Lawrence to return, the movie will likely continue on with or without him given that the production is scheduled to begin in early 2019.

According to reports, Sony would like to have Bad Boy 3 hit theaters in early 2020.

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Last year, Lawrence shut down the idea of a Bad Boys 3 and a possible Bad Boys 4.

“There can’t be a ‘Bad Boys 4’ if there hasn’t even been a ‘Bad Boys 3,’ ” Lawrence said previously. “The whole ‘Bad Boys’ — there’s no ‘Bad Boys’ going on. There’s no ‘Bad Boys.’”

On September 8, Will Smith expressed his frustration with the process on Instagram writing, “This has been Me with @sonypictures tryna get Bad Boys made! :-).”

 As for the plot, According to That Hashtag Show, the new film would center around Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence) working as a private investigator having fallen out with his former partner Mike Lowery (Will Smith). Lowery is in the midst of a mid-life crisis while having to deal with being matched with a new younger partner. And then the pair find themselves reunited after an Albanian puts out a death order on both men, for the killing of his brother.

Seems likes things are back on track so it’s time for Martin Lawrence, get ta’ steppin!