Salon employee under fire for Michael Jackson blackface costume because white people can’t get Halloween right

Al Jolson Blackface
American film star Al Jolson (1886 - 1950) wearing his famous 'black-and-white minstrel' make-up. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Employees of a South Carolina salon got themselves in a hairy situation when they posted a picture on social media dressed as the many faces of Michael Jackson with one person in posing in blackface.

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Keysha Holmes, the owner of Holmes Hair Studio, was hit with backlash after she shared on her Facebook page on Oct. 25, a picture of her employees dressed as Jackson during various moments in the musical legend’s life. There was the Thriller MJ, complete with the infamous zombie look, then another employee dressed as the Billie Jean Jackson with the glitter glove and hat that made his ensemble magical. But one white employee posed as Jackson in his youth—the Jackson Five Michael with an afro wig and brown face, painted on with make-up, Yahoo reports.

Holmes admits that she was clueless about the offensive nature of the costume saying that she didn’t know blackface was “a thing.”

“I didn’t never know it was a thing. Ever. She put Covergirl brown makeup on her face,” Holmes told WYFF News 4.

Apparently Holmes has never read a history book on been on the internet.

Holmes, sounding much like Donald Trump, then told Yahoo Lifestyle, “All I’m going to say, I’m anti-news. I will not get involved with news because the news is the devil. I will not be in that hate stir fest. The news stirs hatred.”

Yeah, girl, it’s the news teams fault you’re racist.

“Until we get Jesus in our hearts and minds, the world will continue to get worse. I’m sorry but I don’t want to have a interview with anyone other than the Christian radio station. Thank you and have a blessed day. How about write about people shooting up churches and schools. Pray for them.”

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As Halloween approaches more of these stories seem to surface.

Recently, a clueless educator in Iowa is under fire after painting her face Black to represent a movie character as part of her Halloween costume.

First grade teacher, Megan Luloff dressed up as LaFawnduh Lucas-Dynamite, a Black character from the Napoleon Dynamite movie, while attending a party and posing for pictures that surfaced online.

LaFawnduh was portrayed by actress Shondrella Avery in the popular movie.

Luloff, who went all out for the racist portrayal, sports blackface and her arms, hands and feet are painted black also.

The teacher’s racially insensitive costume and sounded alarms with administrators who said that “blackface is never appropriate in any circumstance by any person,” Davenport School District Superintendent Art Tate told the Quad-City Times.

And last week NBC host Megyn Kelly, lost her job at network after she defended the use of Black face.