Chrissy Teigen has no desire to ever speak to President Trump


Asking Chrissy Teigen if she likes President Trump is like asking a toddler to eat their spinach. It will never turn out well.

Teigen has made no secret about just how much she loathes Donald Trump, so much so that the man who uses Twitter as his weapon to destroy people online blocked the model so he couldn’t see her clap backs anymore.

As if her answer would express anything other than her repugnance for the petty-president in chief, AJ Calloway of Extra decided to indulge and ask Teigen if she’d be interested in a sit-down with Trump, the HuffPost reports.

“No, I would never. I think I would throw up in my mouth,” Teigen said. “It’s just impossible to me.”

No surprise here. Teigen is like the rest of us who are at our wit’s end with Trump’s nasty rhetoric and unrelenting assault on the humankind.

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Teigen said he has “broken the lines of, ‘let’s bring the parties together.’” 

“It’s far past that now,” she added. “He’s a terrible human being.”

John Legend Calls Trump Out

Teigen’s husband shares her sentiment.

After President Donald Trump lost the House in the midterm elections, and learned that he is now Maxine Waters’ footstool, and lost it on Wednesday during a press conference, Legend called him a “f–king embarrassment,” tweeted Legend.

Legend is not alone is his assessment of the current inhabitant of the oval office. As the world watched, he went off the rails during the combative news conference, while we watched in horror.

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Trump tore into CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who simply asked the President why he continued to characterize a group of asylum seekers headed toward the US as dangerous. While doing his job as a reporter, Acosta also asked about the possibility of forthcoming indictments into the Russian investigation.

HE was also nasty to several Black reporters including April Ryan. Teigen called Trump out and said it was a “vile human being” after insulted several female reporters.