President Trump

President-elect Joe Biden‘s nomination of retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin to be secretary of defense has put some Senate Democrats in a
/ December 9, 2020
House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries spoke with CNN correspondent Dana Bash for “Inside Politics” on Sunday to discuss the
/ November 22, 2020
More than half of any donation for Donald Trump’s “election defense” fund could go toward paying down debt from the
/ November 8, 2020
Twitter will suspend accounts of users who openly hope President Donald Trump dies from the coronavirus.  Just a month before
/ October 2, 2020
President Donald Trump rolled out his “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans during a summit in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday.  The
/ September 25, 2020
North Dakota contractor Tommy Fisher and his company, Fisher Industries, has received $2 billion in border wall contracts from the
/ September 17, 2020
Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, claims the president’s hatred of Barack Obama is based purely on racism and has
/ September 14, 2020