Tyrese Gibson won a bit of his child support battle against his ex-wife Norma who had been living her best life and running up daycare bills at his expense, TMZ reports.

However, Tyrese took issue with Norma’s mounting daycare bills that he had to cover for their 11-year-old daughter Shayla and asked the court to reconsider the expenses that he has to pay, after Norma admitted that the expenses supported her just merely “living life.”

But a judge disagreed with Norma ruling in Tyrese’s favor and ordered her to detail her expenses, putting a limit of when Norma can bill Tyrese for child care, which did not include time for living her best life.

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For one, the judge said Norma can only incur childcare fees if she is working and she can’t bill the Fast and the Furious actor for any “non-work errands” or to “run her household”.

However, the court left the determination of “working” open and the order states it “does not limit the type of employment” Norma can pursue, which somewhat leaves a loophole for her to figure out how to make it work and get her compensation for childcare.

The court has recommended but not required Norma to “maintain a diary of time spent on work.”

Tyrese has claimed that he is struggling finally and earlier this year blamed his financial woes on his former wife, charging that her accusations of domestic abuse have left him struggling to find a job.

In a legal filing obtained by The Blast in August, Gibson’s documents claims he’s “been unable to find work in the entertainment field” since Norma made what he called “false” allegations against him.

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To prove his point he cites that he is only been taking home $51,000 per month over the last year, a significant decline from the $180,000 per month he was previously earning before the accusations.

Norma also claimed that Tyrese physically abused their daughter.

According to TMZ, in October 2017, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation after Norma Gibson made claims that her ex-husband “beat” their 10-year-old daughter on between 12 and 16 occasions and once even spanked her to the point where she was in too much pain to sit.

A month later, that investigation was dropped by the organization and a Los Angeles judge restored Tyrese’s joint custody of his daughter later that November.

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