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A racist question that popped up on an exam at Cal State Long Beach has now caused the school to investigate the motives of a part-time lecturer who taught the class, ABC30 reports.

Students reported being shocked at a question posed in a health science class test that read: “Which of the following gangs generally do the least graffiti? Black, Asian, Hispanic, or White?”

“It plays on stereotypes that they say they are trying to crash down on,” said junior Juliette Nguyen.

The class instructor is Matt E. Fischer, who is now under investigation.

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“The campus takes these allegations seriously. We will provide additional information when we have reached a resolution,” CSULB spokesperson Jeff Bliss said in a statement.

A student, Alex Rambo, authorized his mother Angela to talk about his concerns with the test. “(It was) kind of the awkward things happening in the class and he showed me the exam and asked me to read that one question and I did. And after I read, it my question was ‘What does that have to do with health science?'” she said.

“I did not take the class, but not sure I am comfortable answering that type of question,” senior Evan McCormack said.

No word on what will happen to Fischer.

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N-Word Controversy in Wisconsin

Racism runs deep as evidenced by a Wisconsin teacher who has been placed on paid leave after a video a student recorded of the teacher saying the “n-word” and attempting to justify it.

According to CBS Milwaukee, the video was recorded on Nov. 29 at Bradford High School in Kenosha which is halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago.

“The district was made aware of this incident today and has launched an investigation,” the Kenosha School District said in a statement on Monday. “The employee has been placed on paid leave while the investigation is completed, however, no additional details can be shared due to personnel privacy rights.”

In the video in question, the white teacher says “I can say it” before dropping the racial slur seven times in rapid succession.

Some students were uncomfortable and did not speak while the rest of the class apparently laughed it off.

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