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Offset of Migos (L) and Cardi B attends the 2018 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images For dcp)

Less than 24 hours ago, I was mad skeptical about the marriage separation of Cardi B and Offset. I thought the whole affair was a hifalutin’ publicity stunt that would result in Cardi putting out her own version of Lemonade before they put out their joint album with Kulture doing ad libs.

After Saturday evening, I’m not so sure it’s fake anymore.

Offset saw fit to bake up a batch of F—boy BellGrande by interrupting his estranged wife’s headlining set at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles Saturday night with the world’s most ash-laden “apology,” complete with flowers and a gaudy cake set that read “TAKE ME BACK.” If Cardi’s visible annoyance was an act, she did a fantastic job.

This ignoble gesture was the latest of an apology tour that Offset seems destined to make as public as humanly possible. It’s like every “this ain’t it, chief” meme was created for behavior like his.

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One of the first rules in working to mitigate marital discord should be to not involve the whole damn planet. Since Cardi and Offset are both potentially at the height of their pop culture fame, everyone and their baby’s mama will have an unsolicited opinion, including several celebrities who should be among the dead-last n—as from which anyone should take relationship advice. All this peanut gallery blabbering about who cheated on whom and who should do what is missing the point, because it’s their marriage, and the village on which they should rely is not comprised of the idiots in any given comments section.

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Yet it’s obvious Offset is trying to curry favor from the public, many of whom view his actions as romantic overtures. But the hate Offset is getting for interrupting a significant moment in Cardi’s career and centering himself with his apology is valid. She might not actually feel that way – on some level she might appreciate his behavior – but it’s bad optics for a generation of boys and young men who might think it’s a good idea to ever follow in Offset’s footsteps by showing up at their ex’s job.



For her part, Cardi is being very diplomatic about the whole thing. If she is furious, she’s still offering some level of deference to the man who’s still legally her husband and who will always be the father of her child.



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I appreciate all the love! But what I need most right now from my fans is support and respect.

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Because people are walking refuse bags, they’re attacking her for standing by her man. Though she absolutely shouldn’t have had to, she shot another video responding to these haters. Cardi evoked Pete Davidson, who triggered alarms this past weekend when he dropped what looked like a suicide note on Instagram.



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If Offset is wack for involving the world in his apology, there’s no way we can let the Rolling Loud festival runners off the hook for their role in it. These avocado heads had every bit the power to prevent all of this from happening, but they likely saw all the dollar signs from the free promotional aspect of this madness. F— them, really.


For his draggings over the weekend, Offset appears to have not actually got the point that his actions were troubling. Which doesn’t surprise me since he’s young and dumb and they likely had no business getting married to begin with.



But even that’s just my opinion. Take it from me, a divorced man: How two married people conduct their connubial affairs is not your goddamn business unless they ask you to get involved. Even if it plays out in public, neither one of them give a damn what you think.

And I sure hope they don’t care about the opinion of The Game, who has as much business spreading marriage advice as I do giving advice on makeup contouring.

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