NFL continues drug test harassment of Eric Reid after he wears Colin Kaepernick cleats

Eric Reid pays tribute to Colin Kaepernick with custom cleats. (Eric Reid/Twitter)


NFL player Eric Reid is a die-hard friend to Colin Kaepernick even if it means his support causes repercussions on and off the field.

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Case in point: the Carolina Panthers safety decided to wear a very stylish pair of customized cleats during Monday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints. The shoes were painted with images of protests and words of support for Kaepernick and his advocacy around the issue of police brutality, the NY Daily News reports.

“My cleats for tonight. Much thanks and appreciation to the artist @2cent_bmike. Here’s his take on the inspiration behind his design, “It’s a tribute to the history of protest, centered around the quote “if not us , who? If not now, when? “ meaning we all benefit and stand on…”

Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights Campaign” is also highlighted on the cleats.

However, Reid soon found out after the game that he was selected for a “random” drug test, something he seriously doubts was anything but random.

“Number 7… “Random,” Reid tweeted.

Back in November, Reid told ESPN about the testing, “I know what I’m dealing with.”

“I have a collusion case against the NFL. This is something that doesn’t surprise me from them. It’s supposed to be random. It’s obviously not. I’m not surprised about it. Even though it seems crazy on the outside looking in, and it is, I’m not surprised.”

According to reports, the NFLPA is looking into Reid’s concerns.

“I’ve been here 11 weeks, I’ve been drug-tested seven times,” Reid said in the video from The Riot Report. “That has to be statistically impossible. I’m not a mathematician, but there’s no way that’s random.”

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According to Sports Illustrated, the NFL’s random drug test computer system randomly selects 10 players on each team to be tested for a given week. According to Yahoo Sports, there is a 0.17% chance of Reid getting chosen six times for random tests during his time with Carolina. An “independent administrator” runs the system.