NY State Senator tweets “Kill Yourself” to staffer about a bike lane complaint

Executive Director of MoCADA James Bartlett and New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker attend MoCADA 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball at Brooklyn Academy Of Music on May 19, 2016 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for MoCADA)


New York State Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) is learning a hard lesson about what to say to constituents on Twitter.

Parker, who represents the 21st District neighborhoods in Brooklyn, responded to a seemingly minor Twitter complaint about his car blocking a bike lane by telling New York State Deputy Communications Director Candice Giove to “kill herself.”

“ICYMI: I got to the bottom of this. The placard is assigned to @SenatorParker. However, the license plate # on the placard does not match the vehicle. So he either used it in another car or gave it to someone to use, both of which are not permitted,” Giove tweeted.

Parker, who was first elected to the New York State Senate in 2002, responded from his verified Twitter: “Kill yourself!” After offering a half-hearted apology, he went on the attack again.

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“Where was @Candicegiove when NYers voted for a #Democratic State Senate & progressive legislation like the Dream Act & CFE funding? That’s right, working with the #NOIDC appendage of the GOP. #DreamAct #CFEFunding,” Parker continued, appearing to double down on his complaint.

He later tweeted a more sincere apology to Giove on Tuesday morning.

“I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and should not be made light of.”

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Incoming New York Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins issued a statement condemning Parker’s remarks.

“I was disappointed in Senator Parker’s tweet. Suicide is a serious issue and should not be joked about in this manner. I am glad that he has apologized,” Stewart-Cousins said Tuesday.

Parker previously served as the Majority Whip for the state Democratic Party and his district includes East Flatbush, Prospect Park, and Park Slope.