Chris Rock

As Louis C.K scratches and claws his way back to the limelight after a wave of sexual harassment allegations sidelined his career, a cringeworthy video surfaced from his past with him and comedian Chris Rock that’s raising eyebrows, the Huffington Post reports.

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A clip of Louis and Rock from a 2011 appearance on “Talking Funny” is circulatingheavily online and causing outrage after the comedians discuss using the n-word in their acts. In the clip, comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, C.K. and Rock take a conversation to a hair-raising level when they begin to discuss their comfort level with using the racial slur.

C.K. says, “When a black guy gets rich, it’s countdown to when he’s poor again.”

“He’s the blackest white guy I f*cking know,” Rock replies.

That when C.K. unnecessarily interjects: “You’re saying I’m a n*gger?” C.K. asks.

“Yes, you are the n*ggerest f*cking white man I have ever…” Rock says, as Gervais and C.K laugh. Gervais ultimately hurls the n-word too.

Seinfeld seems like the only one who feels a bit uncomfortable with using the word and adds: “I wouldn’t use it anywhere,” he said adding, “I have not found it, nor do I seek it,” meaning he hasn’t found the term funny nor does he seek to make it funny in his comedy routines.

C.K. then says: “We say n*gger onstage,” referring to himself and Rock.

The video caused many to question how Rock allowed his white peers to spew the word without checking them while Seinfield seemed like the only one who tried to caution about it.

Former ESPN analyst Jemele Hill took to Twitter to note that Seinfeld was the one white guy who took issue with the derogatory term.

While Chris Rock won’t likely suffer any consequences for saying the n-word, it doesn’t help C.K. who was one of the many entertainment moguls accused of sexual harassment in a wave of accusations as part of the #MeToo movement. Specifically, the comedian was accused of masturbating in front of women. This is yet another knock to him as he tries to turn his career around.

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Rock has been pretty quiet, even when Kevin Hart faced backlash for his old homophobic jokes that were uncovered and caused him to step down from a gig hosting the 2019 Academy Awards.

However, he does plan to direct his friend Hart in an upcoming comedy movie called “Co-Parenting.”

According to Variety, the film will be based on an original idea by Rock and Hart with Yamara Taylor from ABC’s “Black-ish” set to write the script.