‘This reminds us how much good there is in the world’: Texas school bus driver surprises students with gifts

Curtis Jenkins reportedly asked every child what they wanted for Christmas.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

It’s that time of year when we give props to those people who actually understand the meaning of the holiday season and what it means to give selflessly.

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Enter Curtis Jenkins, a bus driver for the Richardson Intermediate School District in North Texas. Jenkins gave each one of his elementary school students a gift for the holidays and, unlike the humble driver, the public thought it was a big deal, according to NBCDFW.

Jenkins certainly didn’t understand why video of his giveaway went viral, he told the news organization.

“I think one of the teachers said, ‘Let me get a picture of you beside the bus with the presents,’ “Jenkins recalled.

Apparently, it was just one of those acts that made people feel good. Lake Highlands Elementary School posted the pictures on its Facebook page and families who responded were ecstatic. The post generated more than 21,000 likes and 1,240 comments.

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The Dec. 22 post read, “This is Curtis Jenkins, a bus driver for our school. He asked every kid on the bus what they wanted for Christmas and then BOUGHT IT FOR THEM! There was even a bike on that bus!!! This reminds us how much good there is in the world and how we should strive to be a little more like Curtis.”

The act was met with effusive praise.

“Hopefully Ellen DeGeneres will find you,” Arianne Daume commented about the talk show host.

“This is so heartwarming,” commented Duanne Reese Lupo. “This man had impact children in a way he may never really know. As a small child my bus driver took us to the little country store and we were allowed to go in and get a large peppermint stick. I remember this to this day how it smelled and tasted. Bless you Curtis.”

Many people have set up crowd-funding GoFundMe accounts in Jenkins’ name, even though he never requested it. He and his wife, Shaniqia, were able to pull off the gifts after deciding they would not buy gifts for each other this holiday, NBC said. Jenkins set aside money from each paycheck so he could manage it, he told the news organization.