A. J. Calloway attending the 2018 BET Awards (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Two more women have come forward to accuse Extra co-host A.J. Calloway of sexual assault, according to The Daily Beast.

Last June, Sil Lai Abrams accused him of sexual assault during the height of the Me Too movement. But in the two recent claims, the women have chosen to remain anonymous out of fear of social and professional backlash.

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“I don’t want it to affect my future, everything that I’ve worked hard for—and A.J. is someone that would try to do that,” she told The Daily Beast.

The unnamed woman said that she met Calloway in 2011, and he eventually asked her out to dinner.

“After him asking me out repeatedly I agreed to go, because it got to a point where he started to get upset that I was actually not willing to go out with him. He was kind of like, do you know who I am?”

She later went to his house for a party after going on a date with him, and after the guests left, they started making out.

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“I knew adamantly I wasn’t having sex because I won’t have sex unless I’m in a committed relationship,” she said. “He really was going for my skirt, and I was literally pulling my skirt down because I was not going to allow him to go any further.

“And the more I said stop the more he got aggressive, and that’s when I started to realize, oh my god, this is serious,” she added. “Like, he’s really going to try and force me to have sex with him.”

She said that Calloway final gave up after 40 minutes but then “pulled his penis out and he began stroking himself.” The woman says that he eventually “ejaculated on her hands.”

The two women are the first to come forward since journalist and activist Abrams came forward on June 18 saying that Calloway sexually assaulted her in 2006 after an event in New York City. She reported Calloway to police, but the case was later dismissed on a technicality.

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Calloway, through his attorney, claimed that Abrams’ allegations are false and that he will “have no further comment at this time.” In regards to the new allegations, The Daily Beast is reporting that Sil Lai Abrams says the total number of accusers is now up to 10,  including herself.

“I’d spoken with multiple women and there are multiple alleged victims of A.J.,” Abrams tells The Daily Beast. “I was thinking, Warner Bros. has got to say something, I mean, what are they going to do? I got no response.”